Drug Show and Tell (25I-NBOMe) with Seth Fitzgerald – TAP008

There are hundreds of new synthetic drugs like 25I-NBOMe (aka “25i” or “NBomb”) that are unfamiliar to most, but taken by many. The same issues caused by criminalization for other illicit drugs including misidentification, an inaccurate understanding of their effects, and an inability to determine a safe dosage exist with 25I-NBOMe and can have severe consequences for the user.

Today we are fortunate to have drug education advocate, psychonaut, and nootropic enthusiast Seth A. Fitzgerald guide us through 25I-NBOMe so we can make good decisions about this psychedelic substance and others. Seth will be a frequent guest on The Addictive Podcast and we look forward to him shining his objective light in the darkness.

Download: https://api.spreaker.com/download/episode/6992893/drug_show_and_tell_25i_nbome_with_seth_a_fitzgerald_tap008.mp3

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October 29th, 2015 by