Henry the Psychonaut – TAP018

file9661253009838Henry is a psychonaut. A psychonaut or “sailor of the soul” in literal greek, is a person who explores activities by which altered states of consciousness are induced and utilized for spiritual purposes or exploration of the human condition. These alternative states of consciousness can be achieved through a variety of means including meditation, rituals, or drugs. Henry has chosen to experience these states using variety of chemicals including LSD, AL-LAD, Salvia, and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds along with an extensive examination of the scientific literature in his search for enlightening experiences and metaphysical self improvement.

Journey with us as Henry attempts to navigate the rites of passage of young adulthood and a dangerous legal climate, while maintaining a highly functional and productive life despite a pressing need to go beyond the conventional in his own mind and the world around him. He also takes great care to maintain harm reduction practices for himself and other participants in the psychedelic experiences he describes. Seth Fitzgerald from The Drug Classroom joins your host Glen Marshall for an in-depth discussion with this highly functional future pharmacologist.


December 30th, 2015 by